Retro furniture in the interior – original and fresh ideas

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Retro furniture is associated with the 60s of the last century. During this time, many exciting events were happening in the world: space flights, new trends in music and culture, the emergence of social movements. All these moments are reflected in the furniture and the interior as a whole. Modern designers are increasingly turning to this period for inspiration, embracing different ideas for the interior of modern apartments. But don't confuse retro furniture with antiques – these are completely different things.

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Today, more and more people are choosing a retro style when choosing an interior design because it gives comfort and originality. The hardest part is catching the spirit of the '60s and making it home. To help you make the right decisions when designing your home, we advise you to seek the advice of interior designers registered in our platform. You need to really carefully refine the abundance of colors and furniture and pay attention to the unusual elements in the decor.

Basic features of retro style in the interior

The first association with the style of the '60s is related to bright colors. Remember – that's when the hippie culture pops up! Room decoration is most commonly used in rich shades of orange, blue and green. It's nice to know that retro furniture has clean lines, geometric shapes and even floral ornaments. It is worth noting that the furniture of that time was made of very high quality, perhaps after a small restoration, they will look like new and will continue to be used in the home. In addition to furniture, decorative elements such as:

What furniture can be retro?

If you want the apartment or house to be in the spirit of the retro years, pay special attention to the choice of furniture. Their appearance should not be grotesque and preference should be given to furniture with simple shapes and sharp lines.

Don't choose oversized cabinets or cumbersome cabinets from the '60s. Instead, there are better interior low chests and beautiful chests.
The second half of the last century is characterized by rapid technological progress, so various artificial materials are used in the interior. The individual pieces of furniture are often made of plastic and chrome, and some are in a bolder combination with wood.
Some are well preserved, but others, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, may need renovation and refreshment. But so they will retain their charm.

Retro style in the kitchen

Retro is the perfect style for those who love cozy cuisine. To convey the charm of the 60s, choose a retro table, retro chairs, and retro cabinets for this room. If the wooden furniture is threaded, then a unique style and charm are achieved.

For kitchen furniture, it is better to avoid an abundance of sharp corners. For example, an oval-shaped dining table combined with retro chairs will complement the interior perfectly.
There are also many kitchen utensils that will look great as decorative items: kettle, handheld coffee grinder, bread cutting board and more.
For the walls in the kitchen, you can use both plain wallpaper and variants imitating a plaster that has different textures and ornaments.

Retro living room in the 60's style

The '60s have a great variety and retro style in the living room and dining room is truly an original solution in the modern 21st century.

This room can be organized in different ways. People who perceive it as an embodiment of comfort cannot do without a carpet, sofa and colorful pillows.
Retro sofas are great if they are upholstered and refreshed. There may also be a small retro table to breathe in those free years. It may be plastic, glass, wood… but it must still be in harmony with the overall style of the living room.
It will be appropriate to decorate the walls with reproductions of paintings by artists of that time, and additional charm can be achieved with an old radio, an old gramophone, an Opera TV or a table lamp.

How to create a retro atmosphere in the apartment?

Retro furniture can be used not only in the interior of the kitchen or living room. For example, if you put a small cabinet in the hall with an old vase or a chest of drawers with a mirror, you can create a retro atmosphere very easily. It is also worth a try with retro-style bathroom furniture. It can be a dressing table, a locker or a shelf for accessories for your hygiene corner. Or just stop in the tub with the rounded edges of your feet.

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